Real Estate Business and Investment Guide

Real Estate Business and Investment Guide

Most of the top billionaires in Nigeria are all into real estate . The business is a money spinner of the highest level. Real Estate is reallybooming in Nigeria and people are making good profit from it. Today, we want to take a critical look at the business and see how one can invest in this sector of the economy (irrespective of your capital) and make serious profit.

One very good thing about real estate business in Nigeria is that the investment opportunity is very diverse that there seem to be something for everyone irrespective of capital. Anyone who wish to invest can invest whether he has thousands or millions, you can even invest without a dime in your pocket.

Here some of the best investment opportunities in the industry.

1. Land Flipping
This is buying of land and quickly reselling it for profit. This is one smart way to invest in the industry and requires no effort whatsoever. Just your money and some knowledge and you are good to go. You will need substantial amount if you  want to make millions but you can start small by buying just a plot and grow to buying acres of lands and keep selling all year round.

2. Open Space Leasing
This works in a unique way. Buy a property in a good and attractive location especially close to the road and lease it out for makeshift use. You can lease it to churches or business that wants to develop a makeshift outlet such as car wash and mechanics. They will pay you a monthly rantage while the property still appreciates for future sell.

3. Real Estate Agency
This one is the easiest and simplest of them all. It is not really an  investment per say but service rendering. Go round and look for properties to let and for sale, advertise your service and help secure clients for the real property owners, you will be paid a percentage as commission based on the amount the property goes for. You can start with little or no money and can grow to become a giant realtor.

4. Property Development
This is where the big guys in the industry are making real money. They acquire properties in choice locations, develop it into luxury apartments and commercial structures. etc and sell for a very high profit. If you spend N200 million to develop a property, you can sell for as high as N400million.

5. House/Office Rent
Build or buy a house and put it up for rent, get paid all year for a life time. That is how this works but there is much more to that than this I just stated, watch out for detailed articles on this soon.

In  upcoming weeks, we shall be publishing articles from our ongoing researches and advice from professional realtors , real estate investors and experts in the industry on various aspect of investments.

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