Tour Life Part 2: MJB Experience

I have now experienced (read: survived) two national tours featuring musical megastars- Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Mary J. Blige and D’Angelo. What started out as a whimsical decision to do something that could allow for professional growth in a foreign environment, ended up being a challenging, formative and exhausting life experience… and a hell of

Why I Thought 2013 Sucked

People tend to place a lot of significance on the start of a new journey around the sun- a chance to start fresh, commit to those things we’ve been saying we’d do, take chances, take plunges and, of course, lose weight. For the last couple of years, instead of making resolutions like these, I took

My Mistakes as an Entrepreneur

I have now been a full-time entrepreneur for over a year and a half. While it has been an exhilarating ride thus far, the road has also included a sizable share of growing pains and frustration, especially when I mess up… majorly. When mistakes happen, in the moment I am certain that they will mean

Why Do People Judge Jobs?

People talk a lot about other people. I do it too. I often overhear (and participate in) conversations about people’s careers. I never realized how judgmental we can be about positions, titles, salaries, etc. until I plunged into self-employment. What confuses me is when I hear criticism from people who have indicated that they are

A Pregnant Entrepreneur

Many of you have asked where have all of my posts gone! First, thank you to all my readers. It is really great to know that my writing has impacted so many of you. So, here is my explanation for my missing year: I had a baby! Really, that is no excuse, as the world

Broken by Motherhood

My friend sent me an article today about how a woman’s physiology changes for motherhood. The brain composition literally changes so that she is able to be more hyper-vigilant of her baby and be more attuned to his needs. While I can’t say that I am surprised to learn of this miraculous evolution that Mother

Stepping into my Womanhood

Growing up, I called myself a tomboy. I played with G.I. Joes, hated dolls and dresses, loved sports and never really wore any makeup. In grade school I spent many a lunch hour playing “off-the-wall” and milk crate (basket)ball with the guys. Like most people, my circle of friends consisted of guys and girls who

Suitable Motherhood qualities

Each lady goals of turning into a mother once of their lives. beginning from pregnancy, a female is already experiencing modifications in role and responsibilities in education for motherhood. The maximum stunning and thrilling a part of a lady’s existence is citing her infant from conception to birth till the infant grows up and live