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The Power of Getting Away

As you may have gathered, a lot of what drives me is something like a hunch, a gut feeling, and a little voice that can no longer be ignored. Another one of these feelings led me to take a smaller, less risky, leap even before I announced my departure from my job: booking a trip

Why I Did It… The VMA’s

I have had dozens of conversations over the last few weeks with friends, colleagues, mentors and others who are curious about my decision to quit my full-time job after getting two degrees from an Ivy League university and getting a job at the same institution with awesome benefits, free tuition, and travel opportunities. Why did

Tough Week

Full disclosure: I want to make sure that I talk about every side of what I am going through here. In the past, I’ve fallen into the trap of hiding vulnerability from the world. That isn’t the purpose of why I started this blog so before I begin packing for this next business trip, I

Being a Woman

I sort of anticipated this would come up eventually. It has definitely come up in the past; when I was running a catering hall, when I was designing culture-specific events; every time I organize a beauty industry event; when I work with (esp. older) Latino men. My sex has managed to come up, directly or

Labor OR Love?

Can a successful entrepreneur simultaneously sustain a successful relationship? Well?! Don’t expect me to answer! I’m new at this!The bright side: Another part of this road of transition has involved my romantic life. This is the part of entrepreneurship that most of the incubators and SBD resources I have come across don’t talk about. In

Entrepreneurship is Spiritual

If anyone were to ask me what I have learned in the first part of this full-time entrepreneurship journey, I would say, stay open and think impractically. Practicality is so stifling! I am just realizing that every client I have landed and every life-altering moment on this road has been the direct result of surrendering

On Self-Discipline

The first few weeks of entrepreneurship have been busy but enjoyable. I have been focusing on building a website, expanding 2 companies I am working with, trying to land a marketing consulting client, developing a social media presence (@CLuxeNYC- follow me!), doing some pro-bono work, and catching up with those parts of my life that

Project Spotlight: ScissorCandy

Right after coming back from Florida on Saturday, I traveled back down to Philly for an event I had on Sunday night. One of the companies I have been working with for about a year now is ScissorCandy®. They are a hair event production team that designs non-competitive shows focused on hairstylists. If you know

Schmoozing: Why I cannot hate it

I have been learning life lessons at a faster rate as an entrepreneur than ever in my life. My most recent discovery came to me after a recent successful meeting with a potential partner on an account: I always hated the idea of schmoozing, networking or trying to “connect” over cocktails and trite after-work events.

Right Time

Many people have asked me how did I know I was ready; how did I know I had what it took. Normally, I rattle off the usual “anyone can do this” speech: we all have it in us, you can do anything you set your mind to and similar encouraging truisms. While I do believe